Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ward Halloween Party

It seemed like our ward Halloween party came up really fast this year so Sadie didn't actually have her costume ready yet. My idea was to have Ella be a butterfly (after I convinced her not to be what she wanted to be--a skinny fish, what???) and Sadie was going to be a caterpillar. Oh well, maybe next year.

Ella and all her cute friends.
Ella, Hope, Chad, Spencer, and McKay

Ella and Chad with his little brother Gabe. Chad and Gabe won the "hunkiest" costume award with Chad being Edward and Gabe was Jake. I think I'm team Gabe. :)

They had a bunch of fun carnival games for the kids plus a scary haunted Young Women's room and a Trunk or Treat.

So Sadie ended up dressing like her mom. Can you tell how excited she was about her costume?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Fall = Punkin Patch!!!

One Saturday this Fall, we met up with some friends at Chester's Party Barn (probably the worst name for a pumpkin patch but still lots of fun.)

Ella has no fear of any animals!...except chickens for some reason? :)

Ella and her cute friend, Kenzi.

So this slide was here when we came 2 years ago and it was super fast. This time they had this plastic thing over it to slow it down I guess. I was a little nervous to send Sadie down by herself, but that was not necessary as it was probably the slowest slide on earth.

Ella was looking forward to this pony ride for so long!

Sadie loved it too!

Sadie and cutie little McKay.

At the end, we all got to pick out a pumpkin!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chocolate covered bacon and more!

Since this is our last fall here in Oklahoma, we thought we'd better hit up the Oklahoma State Fair. The fair was good for many reasons: the people watching, the crazy food (deep fried snickers, deep fried oreos, foot and a half long corndogs, chocolate covered bacon, donut bacon cheese burgers, etc...) and the unstable rides.

They had the cutest little bumper boats for the kids. Ella loved it.

Ella and her friend, Addicus.

Ella was the train conductor!

The previously mentioned donut burger that a guy we went with got for his dinner. Yuck.

The absolute highlight of the night for Ella was this ride on the camel. To this day, Ella still tells people about the camel that she got the ride at the fair.

Addicus got a turn too.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


This past September, one of Ryan's co-residents, Mary, gave us an early graduation present in the form of two of her season tickets to an Oklahoma football game. We were so excited about going to a game and I have to say that the experience did not disappoint. The energy in that stadium is so intense! I think it holds something like 85,000 fans and it sells out every game with what feels like just as many people outside tailgating while the game is going on. I was so glad that we got to go to a game before we move. Thanks Mary!!!

We got there before kick off and I thought that was the best part. They play a little video on the big jumbo screen to get everyone all pumped up and then the team comes running through and the music is loud and the jets fly over the stadium. This game was especially patriotic because they were playing Airforce.

Every time they scored, this horse and wagon came running on the field. I had to take a picture for Ella.

This is the outside of the stadium. I always thought the BYU stadium felt pretty big until I went in OU's stadium.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ryan's OKC wakeboarding adventure

Out here in Oklahoma City, they have a little lake that has a cable system all around the perimeter so that it can pull people who want to wakeboard without a boat. Ryan went with two of his co-residents one day and the girls and I tagged along to watch them.

This is the platform where you wait in line to grab a rope.

Since there's no boats (so no wakes) they set up some jumps and rails and stuff for them to play on.

When you fall, you have to swim to the side of the lake and walk back over to the only starting platform. For this reason, Ryan always waited for the jumps that were closest to the platform to try his tricks.

Ella LOVED hanging out with all the teenagers on the starting platform.

I thought this was the best picture I got of Ryan so I was bummed that that little boat got in the way.

This is Ryan's co-resident/friend, Jansen.

Another resident/friend, Jason.

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