Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ward Halloween Party

It seemed like our ward Halloween party came up really fast this year so Sadie didn't actually have her costume ready yet. My idea was to have Ella be a butterfly (after I convinced her not to be what she wanted to be--a skinny fish, what???) and Sadie was going to be a caterpillar. Oh well, maybe next year.

Ella and all her cute friends.
Ella, Hope, Chad, Spencer, and McKay

Ella and Chad with his little brother Gabe. Chad and Gabe won the "hunkiest" costume award with Chad being Edward and Gabe was Jake. I think I'm team Gabe. :)

They had a bunch of fun carnival games for the kids plus a scary haunted Young Women's room and a Trunk or Treat.

So Sadie ended up dressing like her mom. Can you tell how excited she was about her costume?

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The Tufts said...

Wow--Ella is growing up so fast! Both of your girls are. Sadie's costume is awesome. I almost dressed Levi like me this year, but Matt put his foot down. With 3older brothers, the boy does not need any black mail material.

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